SQLCheck 2.5

SQLcheck is an easy-to-use performance dashboard for SQL Server
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SQLcheck is an easy-to-use performance dashboard for SQL Server. Running as a handy and secure screensaver, SQLcheck shows real-time performance and diagnostics information about SQL Server, database, hardware, and the operating system. Monitors key performance metrics, provides a view of processes, agent jobs, and the error log.
SQLcheck takes only minutes to download & install. All the support materials that you need to install, configure and use Idera Freeware tools are provided via FAQs on the Idera website. SQLcheck is currently fully compatible with SQL Server 2000 & 2005.
Every DBA and SQL Server professional needs to be able to quickly & easily monitor critical database performance counters to ensure fast performance and high availability. SQLcheck was developed by the engineers at Idera to help alleviate the headache of determining the status of your SQL Servers

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